Fully Equipped and Ready

Upon entering our facility, you'll find yourself in a welcoming and modern environment, equipped with everything necessary to conduct advanced medical research. Our facility boasts a range of specialized equipment and amenities, including:

  • Temperature-Controlled Storage: We maintain precise temperature control with a dedicated 2-8°C fridge and a -20°C freezer, ensuring the integrity and stability of research materials and biological samples.

  • Incubator: Our incubator provides a controlled environment for cell culture studies and other experiments requiring precise temperature and humidity settings.

  • Centrifuges: We offer both ambient and refrigerated centrifuges, allowing for the efficient separation of samples and preparation of various research materials.

  • ECG Equipment: Our facility is equipped with state-of-the-art ECG equipment, enabling accurate and comprehensive cardiac assessments for clinical trials and research studies.

  • Secured Drug Storage: We prioritize the safety and security of study medications with dedicated secured drug storage areas, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements and best practices.

  • Crash Kart: In the unlikely event of a medical emergency, our facility is equipped with a crash kart stocked with essential emergency medications and equipment, enabling prompt and effective intervention.

  • Fully Staffed and Equipped Examination Rooms: With two fully equipped examination rooms staffed by experienced healthcare professionals, we provide a comfortable and efficient environment for participant assessments and study visits.

  • Laboratory and Pharmacy: Our onsite laboratory and pharmacy are staffed by skilled technicians and pharmacists, facilitating seamless sample processing, drug dispensing, and study-related procedures.

  • Conference Room: We understand the importance of collaboration and communication in research endeavors. Our dedicated conference room provides a professional setting for monitoring visits, investigator meetings, and collaborative discussions among research team members.

At our medical research facility, we are committed to advancing scientific knowledge and improving patient care through rigorous and ethical research practices. Whether you're a participant in a clinical trial or a sponsor seeking a reliable research partner, you can trust in our expertise, dedication, and commitment to excellence. Welcome to a place where innovation thrives and hope takes root.



10271 sw 72 st

Suite D102

Miami FL 33173

Mon-Fri 7am-3pm